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Scooter transport

Postby jgg2045 on Fri May 08, 2015 9:03 am

Hi guys,

We have two Vespa scooters. One a 300 super and the other a 300 gtv. We're planning on going camping in a motorhome and would like to take both scooters with us to run around on. Anyone know of what would be a good trailer to use which will hold both scoots, work well at highway speeds and isn't crazy big like the monsters I see Harley bikes on. Also looking for smaller because storing a large trailer could be an issue.

Thanks for your input!
Have a safe trip!

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Re: Scooter transport

Postby GizmoGal on Sat May 09, 2015 7:01 am

You might consider renting a motorcycle trailer from a U-Haul place to try for this first trip bringing the Vespas. If you like it and do get to use the scooters, you'll know to start looking for one to buy or to continue rentals in future. If not, your expense was minimal and you have nothing to store or get rid of. If your local U-Haul outlet has no motorcycle trailer to rent, call U-Haul national HQ and find a source not too far away.

This question about towing scooters behind motorhomes or SUVs has been around on urbanscootin in one form or another more than once. I guess you did not use the Search feature to find threads that would provide answers. I picked up Advanced Search and tried a few keywords (camper, trailer, hitch) which yielded a lot of references. They weren't all directly relevant, but I culled out a few that might help you.YOu can put the same search in yourself and find more than I provided. Read the posts I linked below and see if anything yields insights. Some of the links that members provided in the threads can be dead, but that's the way research goes: fulfillment or dead ends.

I have no personal experience towing my scooter, so I can't help any better than this. Maybe members will give newer answers or you can search online for scooter/motorcycle trailers. Not everything comes in Harley sizes. Try JC Whitney or other automobile accessory retailers. Instead of researching from the scooter solution point of view, look for trailers that accommodate jet-skis, canoes, or towing trailers for other sports mobility equipment for cars or RVs. Creative use of Google should yield selections sufficient for a narrow demand. Be sure to know the hitch size you have on the motorhome so you can be sure to have proper and safe fit. Good luck.




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Re: Scooter transport

Postby fishcutter44 on Tue Jun 02, 2015 8:29 pm

Please don't transport your scoot on the center stand. Many scoots have the center stand directly mounted to the engine case, which is cast aluminum and not designed for shock load or weight support.
Best way, tie down front and rear (I use Canyon Dancer) on front and tie back end for braking. You don't want the scoot to say hello to you when you might have to lock the brakes up.
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Re: Scooter transport

Postby RuckusGal on Sat Jun 13, 2015 8:11 am

You can shop for a small utility trailer locally and U-Haul or perhaps the place where you buy the trailer can install the hitch receiver.

Use Canyon Dancers ($20-25 online), straps, and ties downs to secure the bikes to the trailer.

Any local motorcycle shop can advise you about proper securing techniques with strapping.

I just rented a U-Haul pick-up truck and hauled my scoot 400 miles.

These full size trucks probably would hold two scooters side by side.

I did not like the prospect of towing a trailer at high speed or even on twisty back roads.
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