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Avoid Piles of Leaves!

PostPosted: Tue Nov 06, 2018 6:11 am
by GizmoGal
I repeat this post every year. Safety is worth the emphasis. Read and relate:

Experienced riders are probably already aware, so this post is mostly to tell the newbies an important safety tip. This time of year most of the country will see leaves falling and accumulating on the ground. People sweep or rake them into piles into the streets, or the wind does it. Though it may be fun to shuffle through a big pile of leaves on foot, it's pretty dangerous to ride the scooter through dead leaves.

Be very careful to avoid piles of leaves on the roadway or as you are cornering and observe leaves along the side or at driveways. Your bike can easily suffer a skid, so be aware of the fact that leaves on the road are not friendly, especially after a couple of fall downpours and windy conditions.

Ride safe all of you, newbies and long-time riders, too.