Got into a knock-down drag-out fight

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Got into a knock-down drag-out fight

Postby oxford_scooter on Wed Dec 29, 2010 6:26 pm

Yea well this is how it went down...

December 24th I woke up thinking how great it was to have frickin day off of work
and then BLAM - I got hit in the gut it was a 1-2 punch to the upper torso and lower
gut and I took body-blows all over and I doubled over and couldn't hardly walk for days...
My head hurt and I could hardly eat or sleep either.

For 5 days I felt like I got hit by a baseball bat over my entire body - even the hair on my
head hurt and my entire body ached all the way down to the bottom of my feet hurt.

Finally last night I struck back with a left and a right and a left and a right -
boom -biff - pow I kicked that S.O.B. in the shin and gave him a knee to the face
and stomped that flu right out of my body. I woke up in a sweat to beat all others.

I'm still a bit weak from not eating for 5 days but I wear all my scars with pride.

Flu-Shots and doctors are for SISSIES...
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Re: Got into a knock-down drag-out fight

Postby KABarash on Sun Jan 02, 2011 11:51 am

Yeah well......
Glad you're feeling better. =D>

I got hit with that damned H1N1 flu last season, seemed to take me m o n t h s to feel 'right' again! #:-s
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