Met or Vino Classic

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Met or Vino Classic

Postby Jayhawk on Wed Sep 29, 2010 10:32 am

Hi all - I'm essentially a new member although I registered several years back. I'm currently riding a Lambretta Due50/ADLY Panther 50 (it's a rebadged ADLY) which is actually not a bad, Taiwanese made, 2t 50cc scooter. However, it's too tall for my wife (31" seat height), and seems to have issues with running through front brake disc pads (nearly need a second new pad at 5,000 miles and I don't ride that front brake, I baby it).

So, I'm planning to dump the Lambretta/ADLY and move on to either a Yamaha, Honda or Genuine (although I think I want the liquid cooled 4t for engine longevity so the Buddy is a distant third on my list) since my wife prefers the retro look (I do, too, actually - the Lambretta was bought to haul around my young son but he's getting too big to 2 up on a 50cc anyway) and she needs the shorter seat height. Also, Mets and Vinos are common on craiglsist in my area.

I'm leaning towards the Met (we rode, and loved, an 84 Honda Aero 50 until the body fell apart in 2002)...which is why I'm posting here, but hoped you all could chime in with some guidance.

Does the Vino really have a carrying capacity of 170 lbs or was that a typo that Yamaha has since corrected?

Does the Vino really need valve adjustments every 2,000 miles? I don't want to pay for that or learn how to do that myself.

What's the top speed on the Met's newer models? If it can do close to 40 and be peppy at low speeds, I'll be happy. My Lambretta does 47 (cop radar verified) but is a snail on take I don't care too much about top end as long as it's on the postive side of 35!

Any reason I should jump at a Vino instead of a met?


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Re: Met or Vino Classic

Postby FLATOUT50 on Wed Sep 29, 2010 11:53 am

Met hands down.
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Re: Met or Vino Classic

Postby hcallaway on Wed Sep 29, 2010 1:50 pm

I've had both and think the 2002-05 two-stroke version of the Vino 50 is quicker than the Met if you have any interest in a 2T. It's also suitable for many speed upgrades. But this is primarily a Met board and the folks here have voted with their pocketbooks already. My wife has a Monza Met which she loves and is very sharp-looking. I've also had a Buddy 125, which is not that much more expensive than a 50 cc Met or Vino but is in a different league in terms of performance. You might want test ride a Buddy before you make a decision; it doesn't have the retro look but is a sweet-riding scooter.
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Re: Met or Vino Classic

Postby Jayhawk on Wed Sep 29, 2010 2:29 pm

Every scoot I've owned since 1980 has been a 2t (Vespa, Honda Aero 50, and the current scoot), but I'm leaning towards a liquid cooled 4t engine...and I really like the look of both the Met and the Vino classic.

I would just go buy whatever looks best on craigslist, but the alleged carrying weight of the Vino, and reading about valves needing adjust every 2,000 miles, has made me a bit nervous. While I may not believe the Met only needs a valve adjustment every 15,000...even every 7,500 is quite longer than every 2,000 miles.

My old Honda Aero was simply bullet proof...that thing just ran and ran with very little maintenance...and that sounds like a good thing.

I've ridden a Buddy 50 cc, and it's performance was a tad slower than my current scooter but with quicker take off (maybe an artifact of smaller wheels? My wheels are 12"). Very nice scooter, but I prefer the Vino/Met look.

I do realize this is a Met board, but it's hard to find a non-biased board out there. If I went to scootdawg, they'd jump at me at tell me just to buy a $300 Chinese Met clone off CL.

I'm still curious about the newer Mets top speed. I'm 175lbs FWIW.

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Re: Met or Vino Classic (comparison)

Postby oxford_scooter on Wed Sep 29, 2010 5:57 pm

See my previous comparison:


The Vino Classic was once again in my garage over the weekend and I changed
the oil for her - ( she's 5-8" , 165 or so, and carries it well... )

I rode it a bit and noticed it didn't quite balance well - and I also took note of
the turning and cornering ability. While the MET handles most groovily in a lean
the Vino seemed to prefer a turning of the front wheel - and in a lean condition
the Vino wanted to 'bounce' back up-right like a blow-up punching bag or something.

It was kinda strange.

Changing the oil is similar on both, however the gas cap on the back of the Vino is open to
the elements.

The VINO does perform well - and it seems to have a bit more kick to it - as if de-restricted
already - however - being a smaller person - I do love my Met.

Ride them both - decide which is best for you - I don't think you can really go wrong with
either of them.
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Re: Met or Vino Classic

Postby Jayhawk on Wed Sep 29, 2010 7:43 pm

Nice comparison oxford...thanks for linking to it.

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