Opinions on Kynco Buddy 125

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Opinions on Kynco Buddy 125

Postby shelbycrops1 on Tue Oct 28, 2014 5:12 pm

Thinking about a Kynco scooter 125 due to price and looks and weight. Don't know much about them but I went to a Kawasaki place and they basically dismissed me and sent me doon the road. I wear leg braces on both legs that pretty much leave shifting out because my ankles do not move. Please help me.
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Re: Opinions on Kynco Buddy 125

Postby GizmoGal on Wed Oct 29, 2014 6:12 am

The Buddy 125 is a speedy, sturdy, reliable scooter. You can probably get a lot of questions answered by looking at http://www.modernbuddy.com, a forum devoted to bikes in the Buddy line and perhaps others that might interest you. It will supplement whatever insights you might get from opinions offered on this board.

That said, I have to note that in your previous post you were particularly focused on a Honda Metropolitan, emphasizing that your skills may be rusty and now adding you may encounter challenges with your legs in braces and immobile ankles. So you have to start thinking about the weight of a larger scooter like a Buddy 125, bigger than a Honda Met. Can you lift it onto the center stand as easily as a Met? What is the difference in the seat heights so you can anticipate getting your feet flat on the ground at a stop sign or red light or any pause in traffic flow and keep it stable under you, again bike weight could add to consideration. Nearly all scooters do not require manual clutches and (foot) shifting so your ankles are not the issue as far as trasnmission. But with only that in common, why look at 49cc scooters and then at one that is much more of a road bike. Your stated purpose was to just increase mobility to get around town, most likely to visit a friend or run some errands? I'm not saying DON'T buy a Kymco Buddy 125. just asking why your thinking is moving in that direction when your riding experience is a factor and your physical limitations may be an added consideration.

Further, you really need to look over legalities of license endorsement and registration expenses and obligations wherever it is you live. A Honda Met or any 49cc scooter may qualify as a moped and not need any special motorcycle riding license, and there may be fewer regulations regarding registration, inspections and perhaps lower insurance rates. Stepping up to a bigger bike may mean bigger expenses and passing a motorcycle driving road test. Will you be ready for that or is it better to just be able to ride a smaller scooter without licensing aspects?

Exploring individual bikes before knowing what you can manage physically and what your state laws may expect of you might not be ideal. Get the specs on these bikes, sure, but searching for a bike to buy or try means knowing where you will be riding, how far, how fast, how much can you lift and balance, what laws you'll encounter (not road rules, actual MVB regulations). That helps you narrow the type and size of bike and then you can look at models within the category.

A Honda Met is an easy bike to maintain, to learn with and to resell if you outgrow it in skills and have added need for speed. A Buddy 125, or similar, will likely meet every need in future as long as you think you can manage it from Day 1. It is very easy to research specs so you can know weight and seat height, tire sizes, etc on any bike. Use Google and manufacturer web sites to know the basics about each scooter you consider. Get the ducks in a row, learn what you need to know to focus on a choice of scooters, and then seek opinions on this and other forums to help with a pre-purchase understanding.

I think you would enjoy riding, but you have to research methodically to make safe, practical and affordable choices.
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