Looked for rim tape for my Met

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Looked for rim tape for my Met

Postby New2Scoots on Sun Mar 19, 2017 9:40 am

I always liked the looks of my Metro but for 1 thing; Solid black wheels. Forks, rims, brakes, everything is black. Just always looked unfinished to me & I'm not steady enough with a paint brush. Sort of a shapeless blob of black, both ends. So I decided to find silver rim tape. No problem finding it for my motorcycle. Used it for years. But for 10" wheels it's VERY limited. Found 2 places on Ebay, one from the UK, one from the US. The US seller has lots of colors but no means of choosing what color so I contacted the seller. Waiting to see. If I don't hear back, well I did look into whitewall tires which I've always liked. My Genuine Buddy 170i came with them. The Prima white wall 110/90 should have a diameter of 17.09" vs the 16.3" diameter of my 80/100 Metro tires. That's about a 4.9% taller final drive which shouldn't be too much. But, won't need new tires before 2018. So, waiting on the Ebay guy. Reflective tape can be stretched & bent up to a point. I used straight tape on my motorcycle, 17 & 19" rims. 10" would be all kinked up & torn.
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