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Leather Up

Postby ceredonia on Tue Apr 28, 2009 5:59 pm

I just noticed an ad on the forum for these guys, hah, that amuses me because we just found them by Googling for leather jackets.

I just purchased a really nice jacket from Leather Up, and I'm extremely pleased with what I got. I ordered a size larger and it fits perfectly. They're also *really* inexpensive so I'm just recommending them if you're like me and usually broke.
http://leatherup.com/p/Womens-Motorcycl ... 53447.html

They also ship EXTREMELY fast, I ordered it Friday and got it today. Also, google for coupons--we found a site with a code for 10% off, which worked and saved us the shipping cost (which is really cheap anyway). So if you're looking for a good site that's reliable, I'd recommend them.

The jacket itself is really comfortable, it has shoulder and elbow armor, and so far it hasn't gotten too hot to wear in the sun. It's got a lot of pockets and vents, I only just got it today and rode for an hour doing errands, so I haven't broken it in completely, but I'm really comfortable in it so far. It has adjustable wrists which is what I wanted the most. It's also got a removable lining, which I haven't messed with yet. It looks great, feels great, is reflective, and the pink stripe is quite bright. I'll update tomorrow on how it fares in colder weather, but I'm not expecting any surprises, I think it'll do just fine. I only got one snicker from a guy in a parking lot, so I guess that's good? :-s
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