Shoei or Htc helmet?

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Shoei or Htc helmet?

Postby alx101598 on Mon Jul 12, 2010 5:25 am

I have an XL HTC full face helmet that I purchased around two years ago. I have been losing weight so its pretty loose plus I have dropped it a few times (no accidents - just dropped it on the ground)

Because I wear glasses I have considered a modular helmet. So that leads me to the question. In trying on the different helmets there is the modular HTC with the flip down sun visor or the Shoei modular (that can be ordered in yellow like my Reflex) The HTC runs about $220 and the Shoei is high 300 to low $400.

Does anyone have any experience with the two? According to reviews the HTC flip down sun visor is needs to be darker to block more sun - but is otherwise rated very well. It would only come in basic colors so I was thinking black to go with my yellow and black scott but then someone said that would be too hot.

The shoei is more expensive and also has a bit tighter fit. It does have the channels for glasses and they are considered to be very good helmets. I can also get it in yellow to match my scoot. By and large it was reviewed very well also. But is it worth the extra money?

My old helmet is an XL and I would be getting a medium so I should make a decision at some point here. But I was concerned that I still have some 70lbs to go and I don't want to spend a fortune on a new helmet only to have it be too large. But my XL is probably unsafe in that it is too loose at this point.
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Re: Shoei or Htc helmet?

Postby GizmoGal on Mon Jul 12, 2010 10:17 am

Spend less since you are still in transition with your weight loss and you believe you may have to buy again when you do succeed with that final 70 lbs. (KUDOS on your achievement!).
Avoid buying black--yes, it's hot, but more importantly, you need to be SEEN. Black at night is invisible to motorists and dangerous, and in day time it is not vivid. Choose a light color even if it isn't yellow--RED, or WHITE will be good on the HJC and still look good with your bike. Or add reflective, bright stickers or striping if you decide to choose black. Don't buy an overly expensive helmet cause it comes in yellow!
Shoei helmets are fabulous, but very expensive. Since you believe you may have to step down a size once more time (I would think a Medium will be sufficient for the remainder of your body changes) you can enjoy the modular HTC and have confidence in its quality and comfort whetehr you keep it or have to change one more time. I wear a modular helmet (not HJC) with eyeglasses and have no trouble getting my glasses on and off with the flip up. My helmet does have a flip down sun visor that is dark enough, but I actually wear polarized sunglasses and enjoy that more effectively than the visor, so I have a clear face shield and sunglasses under that.

Good luck--I commend you on your ride-safe efforts in replacing your helmet.
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Re: Shoei or Htc helmet?

Postby Paddy_Crow on Mon Jul 12, 2010 10:23 am

I'm assuming you meant HJC, not HTC.

I wear glasses as well, and the flip up helmets are the best compromise for me.

HJC actually makes three flip up helmets (that I know of), the CL-Max, the SY-Max, and the IS-Max. I think the SY-Max II is the current model. I have owned a CL-Max for about three years. I would rate their helmets as being pretty good, but not great.

I have not used the Shoei Multitec, although I have tried a few on. I found them to be comfortable and Shoei does have an excellent reputation.

When I was in the market for a new helmet, I settled on the Caberg Trip for a number of reasons (they no longer make it, the new version is called the Konda). It was the only flip up helmet that was given 5 stars in the UK's SHARP test (the Shoei only received 3 stars). It was also one of the lightest and most reasonably priced. The only downside is that it is not DOT approved, wearing one in the US involves the risk that a police officer who knows his stuff could write a person up for it. I have taken steps to minimize that risk.

Nolan also makes some very good flip up helmets.
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Re: Shoei or Htc helmet?

Postby fdiskmbr on Wed Jul 14, 2010 8:35 am

I've been checking out the flip-ups too. Went to a couple of stores and tried it on the IS-Max and I like it. My cousins use Shoei and like them, one of them has the multitec, Shoeis flip up helmet and he likes it. I'm holding out for the Nolan N43 Trilogy. I've been to almost all the motorcycle stores in my area but I have not seen a Nolan on the shelf. They say not to buy a helmet without first trying it on but I might have to do that. If anything I'll buy the Nolan N43 from a website that offers exchanges so I can swap it out for a different size or the IS-Max.
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Re: Shoei or Htc helmet?

Postby eggman on Sun Jan 30, 2011 10:11 am


I agree with GizmoGal: Get a hi-Viz helmet! My HJC CL-16 is solid white. I added some reflective tape from O'Reilly auto parts. Total investment for tape, helmet and taxes: under $150. I also bought bright orange and a yellow reflective vest from Wal-Mart. Less than $20 for both. Have fun and be safe!

PS: My Honda Sh150i is a hoot. :)
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