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Re: Always wear a jacket!

Postby Bustin on Sun Jun 05, 2011 10:16 am

mgospo wrote:So I'm beginning to feel like a bit of a hypocrite. It's been so hot lately I have been riding with no jacket at all for weeks. Plus I'm wearing a 3/4 instead of my full face. Living on the edge I guess...I feel a lot more comfortable now though, if that counts for anything towards safety in some bass-akwards way....

After observing a lot of bike crashes, and hearing countless "crash reports" from riders who have gone down , it's become clear that road rash, although very painful and potentially scarring, is not typically life-threatening , at least unless you get off the bike at very high speed. Smacking your head or face on something during even a low speed crash can mean game over (cue the funeral dirge), or a life in a wheelchair, or life as a disfigured freak. Although I am pretty much AGATT myself , I have a much easier time understanding a scooter rider's decision to forgo a jacket or pants , and accept the risk of guaranteed road rash in the event of a get-off , than I am of respecting someones decision to wear a toy helmet or no helmet , and up their risk of death or brain injury in that same crash scenario. However , when I see somebody doing 70+mph on a big bike , showing a bunch of bare skin, I think "idiot", because you can grind right down to bone in seconds if you hit the pavement at that speed. Low speed vs. high speed is a huge factor when it comes to the severity of road rash, obviously.

Bottomline is that a thinking person will not compromise on the helmet , but may decide to accept a level of road rash risk to other parts of the body. In my opinion , anything less than a good full-face lid is a compromise , especially when you factor in things besides actual impact protection , like visibility in inclement weather ,reduction in wind noise , and protection from flying debris..... three things that open face designs typically suck at. Goggles in the rain suck, as does debris in your eye(s) when you are trying to control a bike at speed. I've experimented a few times with half-shell helmets and goggles, and even ridden once or twice with no helmet at all, just goggles, in Idaho and Hawaii (where this is legal), just to see what it was like. It sucks badly, compared to a good full face. Your eyes are teared up, bugs are smacking your face, the wind is roaring....god forbid it rains. Throw in the lack of crash protection on top of that , and you have made some serious safety compromises , IMO.

Regarding temperature , maybe I'm different but while riding in tropical Hawaii ,I was a lot more comfortable overall in my full face than I was without. The ventilation on my Shoei RF1000 is phenomenal , and keeping that sun off my face and neck really helped my stay cool .
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