Body Armor- Hockey padding substitute?

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Re: Body Armor- Hockey padding substitute?

Postby Bustin on Sun Apr 05, 2009 11:31 am

masukomi wrote:I wrote a post a while ago that provides a decent overview of motorcycle safety gear, and what to look for when buying it. If you haven't already done your homework about what's available and why you should wear it then you might benefit from reading it. It was written for motorcyclists but the vast majority of it is applicable to scooter fans too.

Nice write up. I might add that many companies besides Draggin' Jeans are now marketing reinforced riding jeans, with Kevlar in the knees and seat. I own several types . Icon makes a pair that has mesh panels built in , these are great in the Summer but not for cooler weather. Icon also offers a flannel lined insulated riding jean , which are better for use under 60 degrees or so. I own and use both , and also have some reinforced Shift jeans which are downright stylish and will see plenty of use this season.

My solution to really hot days is to wear shorts and a tee, with mesh overpants and a mesh jacket . I think the CV armor in those overpants would protect me in a crash , although I have yet to test it, lol. I know I am just as cool with my mesh gear on as the Squid next to me in shorts and a tank top , and less likely to get sunburned, so I don't really buy the argument about "It's too HOT to wear any gear" . Wear what you want , but don't try to sell me that one, because I ain't buyin' .
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