2014 Metropolitan NCH50

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2014 Metropolitan NCH50

Postby P.Scooter on Mon Apr 10, 2017 7:46 am

Hello, All,

I just purchased my very first scooter, an unused 2014 Honda Metropolitan NCH50. I bought the scooter at a liquidation auction from a Honda dealer that filed for bankruptcy ($900 - seemed like a great deal). My problem is that I have no idea where to start - I'm by no means a mechanic and I have never owned a scooter or motorcycle before. I screwed on the rear view mirrors and my next inclination is that I need to put gas in it, that part I can handle. Is there anything that I need to do to prep the scooter before putting in the gas and praying that it starts? I.e., do I need to hook up the battery or even give the battery a pre first ride charge? Do I need to add new oil? I'm assuming this scooter had just been sitting in the show room since 2014. There was a box located under the seat that contained what looked to be some sort of battery fluid (no clue what to do with this).

My guess is that when you buy a scooter from a Honda dealer all of this is taken care of and the scooter is just ready to be ridden. Unfortunately, I think that I have to do a lot of the prep work myself. No complaints here just looking for a little guidance on how to get started!

Thanks in advance! B-)
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Re: 2014 Metropolitan NCH50

Postby motorbaby on Sun Apr 30, 2017 6:58 pm

SCORE! That's awesome. I'm assuming youve figured it out already, but if it has zero miles, there's a chance oil is needed. Yes, you need a battery. For such a small engine, just the motor is enough strain riding you. You want juice to make sure the headlight stays on, which is important for safety. Besides, the ignition is electronic.
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