Can't Unlock Gas Cap Lock on Honda Metro

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Can't Unlock Gas Cap Lock on Honda Metro

Postby SBless on Sat Jun 20, 2015 11:49 am

Hey folks,

So I just bought a Honda Metro, early 2000's I think, and I have VERY little info about it. A friend of mine knew I was looking for a scooter, so bought it off of a lady who was looking to leave Hawaii and needed it gone quickly. Lucky for me... except now I have to sort through everything on my own. (No it's not stolen :) )

My problem is this: I can't unlock the gas cap.

If my understanding is correct, the ignition key and the gas cap key should be the same, right? Or am I missing a gas cap key? Looking into the key slot, there is a small metal obstruction that takes up about half of the slot, about 1cm down. I can't tell if it is supposed to be mobil and slide out of the way when the key is inserted (thank's to island life, everything rusts/sticks easily), or not. In which case, I need another key/new gas cap.

Any advice would be AMAZING!!! Especially as I have less than half a tank of gas!

Mahalo from the Big Island <3
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