Variator upgrade options

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Variator upgrade options

Postby ajacobspilot on Tue Jun 30, 2015 9:49 am

Hello, Just purchased an 08 Met for my daughter. It only had 576 miles on it when I picked it up Sunday. Ran like crap when I got it. Previous owner had changed the oil and overfilled it, soaked air filter, etc. Also, it didn't want to return to idle. Yesterday I pulled the carb and cleaned it. The slow jet was clogged, but overall the carb looked very clean. I installed a Honda lawnmower air filter from Home Depot, changed the oil and filled to proper level(mid point on dip stick) and fired it up. Runs great now. Put about 15 miles on it and couldn't be happier, runs like new. Also, checked the oil screen and it was completely clean, no debris.

Anyway, I read about changing the high speed jet to a 75 and replacing the needle in the carb and I'll probably do that. I was wondering about variator and weights. Any recommendation on what to do here to improve performance, but maintain reliability? Not really sure my daughter will appreciate the efforts, but tinkering on it yesterday was kinda fun so I thought I'd take it a bit farther.

I appreciate any suggestions.

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