muffler question (new to the metro) loss of power

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muffler question (new to the metro) loss of power

Postby eaglewraith on Wed Sep 09, 2015 8:08 pm

hi new to the forum

my woman has this 07 honda metro that just started to lose power... took the muffler off to replace the flat and it had a crease in it with a rust through hole that runs the leagth of the crease..... i took the loss of powr at the time to have been cause by the flat but its fixed... my next guess would have been the carb.. but after seeing that hole thats my guess now..... my first question is will a 2012-15 metro muffler work on the 07 the way its supposed to? they look identacle ecept the newer muffer has a rod gaurd bolted over exactly where that crease and hole are... my next question is a hole in the muffle enough to drop it down to 20-22 mph
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