Reviving a 1983 Honda Aero 80

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Reviving a 1983 Honda Aero 80

Postby MotoCARR on Mon Apr 25, 2016 9:05 am

Been doing some research and ideally would like to get all these parts from one place. Been sitting ~5 years with 1100 miles on it, previous owner said it was close to starting a few weeks ago but he couldn't get it going. I'm starting from scratch and ordering as many parts as possible as I can based on research so far.

Battery: Purchased local
Lucas 10110 Semi Syn 2-Stroke oil: Purchased local
Regular 10W-40 oil for trans: Purchased local
Air cleaner element: In cart on Partzilla - Honda 17205-GC8-000
#90 jet: In cart on Partzilla - Honda 99102-GHB-0900
Spark plug: In cart on Partzilla - Honda 98076-57717
Fuel Filter: ????? - Honda 16910-GB2-900 (Can a "universal" one from say EMGO work?)
Drive Belt: ????? - Honda 23100-CG8-004 (Any OEM Honda alternatives?)
Roller Set: In cart on Partzilla - Honda 22123-GC8-305

I know not all of the parts are technically needed to get it running, but figure with a 33 year old scooter, why not have them on hand to replace.

Besides eBay, recommendations on reputable places to get the above parts? Anything missing from the list I should go ahead and purchase?
1983 Honda Aero 80
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