Handlebar Question

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Handlebar Question

Postby Jpizzle84 on Wed Jul 13, 2016 10:36 am

So really... no one has come up with some custom handle bars that fit a stock Metro yet? This seems like a pretty
commonly modded scoot and its surprising that know one has come up with something yet? I tried searching for topics. and have seen plenty of mods if you want to ditch the original Speedo, Odometer assembly... I dont. I just want basically the same bars with a slightly larger rise.... Is this even possible?

Sorry if this topic has been beat to death, as I said I did try searching before I asked, just didnt see anything that wasnt years old... maybe someone knows of a shop that could do em custom and have them fit the stock Met front end?

New to scooting and modding so please be kind :)
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