2006 or later ecu in a 2005 metro

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2006 or later ecu in a 2005 metro

Postby stub on Tue Jan 10, 2017 9:41 pm

I would like to upgrade a 2005 metro ii by putting a 2006 ecu in it. I saw a similar post about this, but with no conclusion. Has anyone successfully done this, and if so, what should the pinout be on the wiring harness? I understand there are now three versions of the wiring harness - one for 2005 and earlier for the met, another for 2005 and earlier for met ii, and a third version for 2006 and later Mets. Have read all about advise to dump the metii, in favor of getting a 2006 met - I understand that - but no harm in seeing what can be done to upgrade from a met ii ecu as well - especially if you have a met ii already :). If anyone has also improvised a crankcase breather for the 2005 or earlier models, or have swapped out breather parts from a 2006 to a 2005, I would be interested in that too!
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