2002 Met II resurrection and modifications

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2002 Met II resurrection and modifications

Postby MetIIman on Wed May 24, 2017 5:22 pm

Howdy folks,

After my dad threated to take my old high school Marley mobile scooter to the dump I took the challenge to get it running and caught the mod bug to get it faster. It's a 2002 Metropolitan II.

After being wrecked and sitting for 8 years, with gas in the tank, it took a good deal of work to get it working. (in no particular order) new battery, spark plug, new fuel filter, new fuel pump, fuel lines, gas tank had to be soaked in vinigarfor days and shaken with BB's in it to get rust out. New main and starter relays, carborator removed and cleaned 3 separate times (main culprit was slow jet, a B guitar string cleaned it to see through) valve shim adjustments, and than a lot of cosmetic work, fiberclassed some fenders, painted it and put new mirrors.

So then began the mods. I had previously cut the carb spring and removed the gasket. Than I replaced the main jet to #75, replaced needle with the ruckus, put a new belt on, cut the exhaust and muffler and drilled out that restricted tube right before the muffler that some one posted about recently, and today installed a CHP variator. I filed the weights done to about 5 gram (not sure how accurate my scale is) because the stock 6 gram gave my awful acceleration. Now I'm hitting 35-36ish on flats and almost 40 on hills.

My issue now/ question is acceleration at 20 mph. It seems like the engine idle drops at 20, like a pause, than steadily climbs to 30+. I was wondering if anyone had thoughts about this, causes or solutions. I was wondering about possibly a clutch spring issue. Any thoughts or feed back would be awesome.

All in all, it has been really fun working and learning about this bike and I am kinda amazed that it's running. Tried uploading pictures but apparently the file size is too large.
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