sudden blowout of an intact tire

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sudden blowout of an intact tire

Postby mabidor on Fri Dec 29, 2017 3:37 pm

Some months go while scooting merrily along I experienced what i thought was a blowout, losing all the air in one go from my rear tire. The next day I put air in it to see where the hole was, but the tire was intact and held the air perfectly. Everything went fine for over two months and then, wham! same thing: all at once, all the air was gone. I had taken it to a shop after the first incident and they said the tire is fine, so no point in changing it. Now that it's happened twice I'm reluctant to get on my 2009 with 17,000 miles. I see that the rim is a bit warped, likely from the potholes of Brooklyn. Could that be the cause? Any other possibilities?
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Re: sudden blowout of an intact tire

Postby GizmoGal on Fri Dec 29, 2017 3:54 pm

My first guess would have been to tell you your rim is no longer perfect. Probably leaking air at the tire bead. One hard bump and then It blows out. It can be tested by dismounting the tire, putting lots of air in it and submerging the tire into a tank to look for bubbles at the rim. Better found by looking closely after spraying the rim carefully with a spray bottle of warm water with dishwashing liquid for sudsing. When you see the bubbles, mark the tire with chalk or make a mark where the rim failure is. Be sure to check inside and outer side of the whole thing.

I am surprised the shop did not try the soapy water thing to check for valve and rim leak, not just check the tire.

If the rim leaks even a tiny one bubble bit, you must replace the rim, or try to have it hammered true again (unlikely to be wholly successful) or you can put a tube in the tire to keep it inflated that way. Not the best solution. The tires are intended to be tubeless.

No matter what, after you dismount the tire and have repairs made, be sure to replace the tire valve, also. If the valve is damaged it could result in a blowout. Soapy water can prove that,too. A tire valve is $1. What’s the pain in the ass worth?

Brooklyn is rough riding, for sure. I know from long experience. One good way to ride safe is to keep tires properly inflated always so they wear evenly, though it’s not anything to do with a bent rim.

Also, if that’s the original tire with 8-9 years and 17,000 miles, get a new tire. Costs very little, under $50 and I guarantee that your tire is dried out and the bead is rigid or has slight cracks and not adhering to the rim evenly if that is the original tire.
Your money or your life? A blowout at 35 mph is a dumb risk.

Good luck.
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Re: sudden blowout of an intact tire

Postby suncitysolar on Sun Jul 29, 2018 7:03 pm

Unless you know the tire is quite new and in good shape put on a new tire. It isn't worth the risk. Check the rim for rust, pits. If in doubt, get a new rim. They are steel and not the greatest. Not worth the risk. PUt in a right angle valve stem while you are at it. :D
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