2013 MET need more speed

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2013 MET need more speed

Postby rockinscooter on Thu Feb 22, 2018 9:04 pm

Hi, I have a 2013 met, just hit 1000 miles. I moved and travel more on back roads than in town now. My scooter is hitting the limiter at 33-34mph at around 60% throttle on flat. I am in Georgia and am mostly on flat roads. I weigh 180lbs. I want to get 40-45 mph out of it.

Are there any quick modifications to make these faster? Does this year met have a restrictor plate or washer on the variator?

I was searching for a variator but I'm not sure which one to get. I couldn't find the m factory one that I saw in the YouTube video.

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Re: 2013 MET need more speed

Postby New2Scoots on Fri Mar 02, 2018 11:58 pm

There isn't a lot that can be done for more speed, though a guy on Youtube claims he got 42 MPH (indicated not actual) with an M-factory "Hyper Pulley" variator & 6g roller weights. Mine seems speed limited to 35 mph (indicated) because that's topped out flat or downhill. Feels like the brakes are on going down a steep hill, maybe it has a rev limiter to keep the engine from flying apart. The Dr. Pulley slider weights I put in match the stock weight, can't remember the grams. Acceleration is a little quicker, it revs higher from a start but top speed is the same. You're much lighter than I so you might benefit from heavier slider weights, not too heavy though or the engine will bog. I read that a windscreen increases speed. Nope. Got one, same top end. (Honda factory screen) But nice in winter. I also drilled a 1" hole in the air box & removed a rubber baffle inside designed to reduce intake noise. That also seemed to help acceleration just a bit but top speed remains 35. But fast enough for what I wanted, it's a neighborhood scoot.
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