Metro II won't get past 10 mph

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Metro II won't get past 10 mph

Postby grumblepunch on Sun Mar 11, 2018 4:51 pm


I've got a 2003 Metro II that I just can't get running right and I'm hoping someone can suggest some things to help with the diagnosis or repair. This scooter has been outside until recently and has a lot of sentimental value (I gave it to my wife as an engagement present) otherwise I'd just give up and walk away - I've put far more into this than it's worth. Here's the relevant history: I bought it new in 2003 and it's been outside until recently. It only has 90 miles and never gets ridden - generally because it's not running. :( I'd say I took it to the Honda dealership a half-dozen times because it stopped running - likely due to ethanol in the gas and not being run enough. Now that I finally have a garage though I've been trying to get it working myself though.

The first thing I did was to gut the fuel system due to that stupid ethanol. I replaced the gas tank as it was super disgusting before I even attempted to start it. I also tried to rebuild the carb but stripped a screw (on the jet if I remember) so had to replace the whole unit with a new one. Couldn't get it to start though so I went to check the fuel filter only to discover that the dealer had completely removed the fuel filter and jerry-rigged the gas to go directly into the fuel pump! Short story, I replaced every bit of the fuel delivery system from the gas tank to the carb - pump, filters, line, etc. While I was in there I figured "what the heck" and went ahead (thanks to this great forum!) and removed the restrictor plate, installed a Metro I spring in the carb, and put on a Polini variator. I also tossed on a new air filter and spark plug for good measure and it probably goes without saying that it got a new battery. Woot!

Unfortunately the thing still runs like a total dog. Maybe it's my mods or maybe it's the bike or - here's hoping - I'm an idiot and just did something wrong or didn't do something any garage mechanic should know to do. I've checked everywhere I can find in these forums and am pretty much at my wits' end. The bike has some electrical gremlins I still need to sort through (turn signals and high beam only work sometimes and the gas gauge never seems to work) but these are presumably independent of my ride issues. Basically once the scooter gets to ~10 mph it loses power - it's like the throttle just gets abruptly cut. I can get it to ~12 mph or so eventually but nothing more. And occasionally (especially when pointed uphill) it just won't go at all and needs the motorcycle waddle to get her going. It also seems to take far longer than it should to 'warm up' - i.e. not cut off when you give it a little gas while it's idling.

Does anybody have any suggestions on anything I can look into next? If I were smarter I would have gotten her fixed and running normally before I did the upgrades/mods, but sadly I'm not.

Many thanks for any suggestions or follow-up questions you may have!

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Re: Metro II won't get past 10 mph

Postby Tanuki on Tue Mar 13, 2018 8:18 pm

38 sj 80 mj, rollers at 5 grams?
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