85cc Met Notes

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85cc Met Notes

Postby ICR55 on Fri Jul 27, 2018 9:14 am

A few preliminary notes regarding experience with Malossi’s 85cc Cylinder Kit for the 2013-2015 NCH50 Met. I’ve got about 600 miles running on the “big jug”. Cylinder head is stock.

The kit includes a Force Master 1 controller that I attached to the inside of the frame body cover. This allows removal of the seat bucket without a tangle of wires. The controller allows for tweaking the mixture, but since I can’t measure fuel-air ratios, I left it on the stock setting.

With an MFR Hyper-Pulley variator, 5.5 gr sliders, stock contra spring, & 90/90 Metzeler ME1 tires, my Met runs nicely at about 42 mph (GPS) @ 8,400-8,500 rpm. Malossi upped the rev limit to about 10,000 rpm, but the engine doesn’t go past 9,000 rpm as set up.

Navigation app trip records consistently show 45 mph max. I got 108 mpg on a 60 mile test run recently. I run stabilized, ethanol-free gas, and sometimes throw in a little Lucas Octane Booster, since the compression ratio is now 11:1.

The MFR variator has some chrome chipping near the crankshaft. I’ll eventually replace it with a Malossi unit, which comes with a +5% white contra spring. This would be good since I get a bit of belt slippage under (much improved) acceleration with the stock spring. The heavier yellow spring doesn’t work as well for me (160 lbs).

The bad - The 6203C3 bearing on the input end of the drive shaft in the final reduction unit failed after 450 miles with the BBK (1,100 miles total on bearings). The drive shaft exhibited signs of heat damage (annealing; it turned blue at the bearing). I replaced the shaft along with all bearings & seals (About $90 on-line) and refilled the gear case with Royal Purple gear oil, NOT crankcase oil. So far, so good.

I don’t ride enough to put the many thousands of miles I think I’d need to make any meaningful statement about reliability / longevity. I’ll update this post if the engine blows up.

Meanwhile, I just carry a bunch of tools when I ride and keep a ramp, a bar harness and tie-down straps next to my truck back at home.
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