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Postby lilpinny on Tue Dec 12, 2017 7:24 am


I'm lilpinny. I am also a TR refugee hanging out with all you on this cool board. Thanks for having us.

I'm 47 and I live in the Austin, Texas area. I'm the president of the Little Kings scooter club. (Tanuki is the VP)

I don't have a Met, but I have done just about everything to my Ruck and as she sits now she's 170cc's with too many racing and performance parts to name (way, way too many). This is maybe the third or forth incarnation of it... going from different versions of the 50cc to a 150 to a 170. I've blown up many engines.

I did all the work myself and made all the mistakes along the way, so I do have a pretty good idea of what to do when it won't start, it sputters, the lights don't work, it's making a noise, etc. All scoots have that in common. If you have questions feel free to post. I'm glad to (try to) help.

Again, thanks for being great hosts. Glad to be on the board.
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